Sunday, April 3, 2011

3,205th Post

It's a little embarrassing to note that I've published over 3200 posts and HAVEN'T SAID ANYTHING.

This will be another one.

(Really, you people should stop encouraging me. As long as just one person stops by to read, I'll write.)

I'm a little bit, mostly alot, jealous of McMama's current adventure. Five kids under 6 in a motor home for 6 weeks, exploring and photographing her way around the USA with her husband? How awesome is that? Livin' the dream, livin' the dream.

I don't have a secondly yet. So I'll go switch the loads in the laundry and think of one.

Be right back.

If you had to empty the contents of your closet so that the Yellow Van Handy Man could repair the broken shelving, would the entire upper floor of your house look like a disaster zone?
What's my problem then?
Seriously. I've now got stuff everywhere.

On my list of things for him to do was replace the knobs on my dresser. Don't bother commenting on how even a first grader could do this. I tried. And it was tricky because of screw length and/or lack of screwdriver. Nothing sexual about that statement so Leave It Alone.
ANYways, I had planned on emptying my drawers before he got his tool out (oh my goodness, this is going from bad to worser) but he just hopped right at it. No prep at all. And he started with THAT drawer. The one with underwear. He just pushed all those delicate, pastel colored, soft cotton granny panties aside and installed the new knobs. He gave them a twist and a tug then declared," Wow. Awesome!"

He's been under my kitchen sink, in my closet,  gone through my drawers and tugged on my knobs.
I'm a modest, private person by nature. Really.

If you thought that 'secondly' was lame, just wait til I finish this thirdly....

Be back in a few minutes. Gotta thinka somethin.

Know what?
In exactly one month, I'll be on the ocean. On a ship. Floating.
From San Diego to Vancouver on a repositioning cruise with Holland America Cruise lines and 18 friends.
We are celebrating big birthdays.
And I can hardly wait.
(In case you're wondering, a repositioning cruise from San Diego to Vancouver is relatively cheap. Cruise is $250. One way flight is $150. ) And this vacation has been in the works since 2009. And it was paid for long before the hole appeared in my roof.

One of my children is a little chapped that he is not invited.
Too bad, so sad. Shoulda bin a middle-aged woman, son.

And fourthly,
Do you know what you believe?
Could you share it in 2 minutes?
Even though I don't have the same faith as Courtney, I'm impressed with her ability to communicate exactly what she believes in.
Watch here.

That's it for post #3,205.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Hope and healing.
2. Friends and fun.
3. Blue Sweet Tarts



Bob Kuhn said...


I know the effort required, not to mention the discipline, to consistently post on a blog. You have real talent to draw people in, show your heart, and leave them laughing, crying and thinking. Keep it going. I read them all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

I used to go to school with one of your sons and have followed your blog for quite sometime now! Everyday you make me laugh out loud, smile and most importantly, feel challenged. I've gone to comment several times and for some reason never actually got around to it, but now that you've mentioned perhaps not blogging....definitely felt the need to comment. Please, don't stop! For the few moments that I read your thoughts, I am challenged and amused far more than any textbook, magazine or television show could do in say an hour or two and being a student, time is everything!

So I guess what I'm trying to say is "thanks"! Take care!