Thursday, April 7, 2011


  • Sometimes doesn't turn out like you expected
  • or planned
  • But that's OK, otherwise, uh, how boring.

  • Can you imagine? What if everything you wanted
  • happened exactly as you wanted it to?
  • Whoa. 
  • Wouldn't you feel like a king.

  • And really?
  • Does the world need more king-ish people?
  • I say no.

  • So.
  • Back to life being unpredictable. 
  • If Plan A (getting married, having 2 kids, owning a house, living happily ever after) goes sideways
  • Is Plan B the lesser plan?
  • Is it second best? 
  • Is it the loser plan?
  • I say no.

  • Life ...
  • What if Plan A represents the freeway
  • And even though it's your fastest, most accepted, Google-maps way of getting to your destination ...
  • a road block forces you to take a detour?

  • A detour. A different way of getting there.
  • A slower, more scenic way of getting there.
  • A less direct, bumpier, more interesting way of getting there.
  • A curve-filled, many stop-signs way of getting there.
  • A 'ooh, look at that" way of getting there.
  • A 'lets stop and take pictures' way of getting there.
  • Uhhh. Where where you going originally? 

  • Maybe,
  • Instead,
  • Plan B becomes the new Plan A, just the way grey is the new black.

  • Maybe,
  • God had to put a roadblock on that freeway otherwise you'd never get off it.

  • Maybe,
  • Plan B? Couldn't be revealed to you until you'd traveled a few miles down Freeway A...

  • Maybe,
  • Plan B? Is just a stepping stone to Plan C.
  • And Maybe,
  • Plan C? Will knock your knee-high socks off.

  • Maybe,
  • Plan A gets derailed when you're 18.
  • Or when you're 24.
  • Or when you're 38 and have 3 boys.
  • Or when you're 70 ...

  • The secret?
  • Is to embrace the detour. 

  • Embrace: accept, anticipate, appreciate.
  • Learn all your can about the scenes and views and challenges and towns on Highway B. And C. 
  • Understand that its because He loves you SO So much that He has lovingly arranged for you to travel along a different route. 

  • And maybe?
  • There's someone you're supposed to meet on Plan C. 
  • So be prepared. It's probably going to be great. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I think I'm in the process of merging onto roadway F. Scary. But good.
2. After 2 weeks of 'stuff', I had a quiet, inspiring evening browsing art stores on Etsy.
3. Answered prayer.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, loved this post. Would love to know how things are going. Still praying often. Marj