Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dot Shots

Terry is a great photographer...
These are a few of her cruise shots:

These 3 spent the weekend together in San Diego before the rest of us arrived. They bonded.
Ter, Shell and Roze

Formal night:

Rozen Sue

Kait, Stace and Karen

Same as above plus Sandra and Brenda

Our 'excursion' location was Victoria.
But Ter got some excellent pics, no?

Top to bottom: Karen, Sue, Carolyn, Roze, Maureen, J and S

Our last night on the ship.
Last ones in the dining room.
About 100 servers came out to sing 'happy birthday' to Sandra and I.

What? Not 100?
Sure felt like it.
And sounded like it.
I was a tad uncomfortable with all the attention.

And all the smiling for cameras.
Why do I find this so awkward?

Great, great birthday party.

What're you doing for your 50th?

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