Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dotty Tweets

At Easter, on a whim, Clint set up a twitter account so we could capture my dad's random statements. Remember?

Well, Maureen noted, on the cruise, that at times, us Dots blurted out 140 character declarations as well. Especially those of us who attended any type of health seminar:

  • John Wayne's colon weighed 72 pounds when he died.
  • Elvis Presley's weighed 56 pounds.
  • 95% of all diseases start in the colon.
  • It takes your liver 18 months to filter out the toxins from one can of diet pop.
  • I stroked Shelly's leg with my toe because Rose was snoring so loud.
  • You should hear her vomit. It's like a little cough.
  • I didn't put underwear on yesterday.
  • To restore your PH balance you should bathe in algae/seaweed. Every night for one year. 
  • These pole dancing photos? Better not end up on facebook.
  • I should have brought ear muffs.
  • I always thought it was called the penis flower. It's not?
  • And my favorite, uttered on the last morning, about an hour before we disembarked:  "Why didn't you set your big suitcase out in the hallway?" "It's not mine. I thought it was yours." (Turns out they had someone else's luggage in their room THE ENTIRE CRUISE. Which means some unknown cruiser endured a 4 night cruise without their things.) 
There were so, so, many interesting statements and comedic moments. If I the technology would have been available, (a phone with a keypad and a reliable internet connection) you just know I would have tweeted the tantalizingly bits.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Laughter
2. Friends
3. Birthdays


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Anonymous said...

Really? It weighed 56 pounds? And what the heck is a penis flower?! No more sodas. Thanks for sharing the laughter Jane - great post - sounds like an amazing holiday! I'd write more but I'm going to buy some algae!