Monday, May 2, 2011


Oy vey, what a beautiful day.
It's Sundays like these that make me happy that I go to church on Saturday night.

Drew, Max and I had a midday break at Starbucks, where we sat outside and enjoyed our beverages. So very lovely.

Then Drew, Danica and I went to the beach, where we sat outside and enjoyed our dinner of fish n chips. So very lovely.

Then, the D's and I met Clint, sort of, at Take Back the City in the evening and were inspired n encouraged.

A wonderfully fun, totally non-productive Sunday.
I'm leaving for a cruise in 27 hours and am in no way ready. Well. I have a passport and tickets. And I bought new underwear. And my camera is ready.

I may have left a few too many things til the last minute. Who am  I? Clint, Max and Drew's mom? I'm starting to live life the same way they do.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I have a passport and tickets. Yay.
2. The sun shone today and it was good.
3. When the seagull crapped on Drew, it (the mostly still-solid-greenish-crap) landed on his shoulder and not his wide open mouth. He was waiting for her to drop a love heart candy in...


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