Saturday, May 14, 2011

We Stayed. And Laughed. Really, really hard.

I was thinking Water for Elephants or Thor.
She seemed excited about The Bridesmaids, thinking it would be like the G-rated 27 Dresses. (Which was a sweet romantic comedy with no bad words or bared skin.)

We went to The Bridesmaids which was rated R. I knew what I was getting into, as I had seen the other movies by Judd Apatow. I'm not necessarily proud of this; I'm simply mentioning it. My sidekick for the evening, though, is far squeakier clean than I am. And was definitely not prepared.

The opening scene had Annie in a marathon sex session with a casual date. I thought for sure we were going to have to leave. I was fully expecting her to say, "I can't watch this. It's offending my sensibilities." Yes, sometimes she does talk like that.

We stayed. And despite the raunchiness of the humor and the vileness of the situations, we laughed. Oh my goodness, we laughed.

Check the trailer out here.

Melissa McCarthy just might be my favorite actress:

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. A wonderfully detailed long facebook chat with Clint. He's currently in Petra, Jordan (where Indiana Jones went looking for the Holy Grail). He's been to Palestine, Nazareth, Jerusalem, the Red and Dead seas, and tomorrow he's heading for Egypt. I asked him if I could pick him up from the airport on Friday and his reply:
I'm aware that the act of arriving home has some sort of meaning for females.
So he's going to give another female, other than his mom, that pleasure.

2. It's the middle of May and my lawn has not been cut yet. I am not bragging. It's a foot long in some areas. My lawnmower was broken so Clint took it in for servicing. Six weeks ago. It was repaired in 2 days but I don't have a pickup truck to go pick it up.
And realistically? Even once I get it home? No one in this house is going to use it.
I refuse.
It's a blue job. And I'm pink.
Yes, yes, yes - I have many pink friends doing blue home chores and they love it. I am not that person. When you're a single mom all role definitions get blurred but on this issue I stand firm. I am a girl. And cutting the lawn is a boy's job.
I don't have a boy around who will do it, though.
So I hired a man. Who does edging. And cleans up after himself - taking the cuttings with him when he leaves.
And today?
Today my lawn was mowed.
And I just love sitting here, looking at it.

3. Do you know Finn? From Glee?

He and his band are doing a show at the Commodore Ballroom tonight.
I'm going.
Do you know Josh?

From City Rain Worship?

His other band, The Left, is also paying there tonight.

I can hardly wait.

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Anonymous said...

Who are these people who only like G movies? What do you talk about with them? How real can they possibly be?