Sunday, May 15, 2011

30 Years Later

When you turn 19 you can go into bars.
And attend concerts in really cool places.
Like, say, the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.

I didn't go when I was 19.
Or 29.
Or 39.
But tonight, right at the tail end of being 49 - I went.

I think I was the oldest person in the building.

Both bands were awesome.

Bonnie Dune:

This band, and Corey especially, just looked happy.
Corey, or Finn, was looking dorky behind that drum kit. He was wearing his glasses, a Canuck's shirt and a huge smile the entire night. There's something about people loving what they're doing that is infectious, no?

The other band, The Left - was intense.

And loud.
And rocknroll.

I could've been everyone's mother. I'm just that old.
And I'm OK with that.

I'm at peace with my age. Plus I have confidence in the next generation's abilities and skills.
Five of us went to the Commodore together - my friend Terry, her husband Scott, and I, along with their 20 year old son, Rob and his friend Chad. When the conversation meandered around to the toxins in our foods, Chad was a bit of an expert in some areas as he is a farmer. Chickens, broilers, eggs... he educated us on feed and life spans. At another point, we talked about buildings and rain and Rob(by) educated us on pipes and corrosion because he is a plumber.

And I loved that.
I love that our kids (collectively. As in 'the next generation') are becoming experts at things. They know stuff. They are capable of maintaining barns of birds, replacing miles of pipe, entertaining us with music, recording history with video, inspiring us with sermons, encouraging us with words they've written, caring for us in hospitals, and so on.

And they're good at it. Really good.

That's not to say that 49 year olds should be put out to pasture. Some youngins (not mentioning any names) believe they Know It All...which of course is a darned shame. A person should never stop learning from the experiences of those who have gone before. Ever.

I feel like I should insert a bible verse here. One about wisdom. Or grey hair.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. All three of my kids are having good days - Clint in (or on his way to) Egypt; Max, boarding in Whistler; Drew is with his girl at The Game.
2. Encouraging words.
3. Glimpses of God's work in our lives.


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