Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 Days is Up So Soon?

On July 1, I posted this Ted talk on my facebook status, and noted, "What are you going to try in July?" (Listen to it; it's only 4 minutes long...)

I never got specific about what I wanted to try.
And therein lay my problem.

BUT, Kim, one of my facebook friends, said she took the challenge to heart and everyday, for the past 30 days, she and two friends have walked around Cultus Lake (a 5k walk).

She was thrilled to let me know she's walked 150k, and will be starting a new 30 day challenge on Aug 1.

So, YAY for Kim.
And, uh, boo for me.

I need ideas. Do-able ideas. What should I do?
What are you going to try?


It's the long weekend.
And the sun is shining.
And I've got big fat annoying flies frantically buzzing right behind me - trapped between the blinds and the window. I'm trying not to go crazy, but seriously. Die already.

I'm still coughing, but my voice is slowly returning. So I must be getting better.

My friend, Heather's husband, Mark and his buddy Frank, stopped by today to take a look at my electrical situation. I should really go take pictures.



I'll get off the couch. Cough.
Cough. Hackkkkk. Coughcoughcoughcough.

Really? The effort I expend to make posts interesting is applaudable.

Click to view larger

I have three electrical panels; two in the garage, one in the shed. There are 12 outlets around the perimeter of my yard. There are three yard lights. Two spot lights. And a greenhouse loaded with heaters and grow lamps FOR ORCHIDS. The are extra heaters in the garage and shed.

I didn't know how to make anything work.

Thank you Mark and Frank for figgering everything out. Thank you for turning off those things that don't matter. And labeling those that do. On this hot, long weekend Saturday afternoon, you two are my heroes.


I cancelled my plans to have dinner and see a movie with friends last night because I'm trying to be mature about being sick. I also cancelled plans to spend a night at the cabin with Max and his friends because again, I'm sick. (And I cough all night long which is all kinds of annoying if you're trying to sleep.)

Instead I stayed home, drank tea and read a book.

I forgot how much I enjoy her novels.
It was a perfect read.


While Mark and Frank toodled and doodled with powerful things, I pulled weeds because it wouldn't have looked good if I sat inside while they worked. I cleared weeds from a 1 foot by 6 foot strip of earth and filled up one yard container. Then I moved over to the driveway and cleared the weeds from a 3 foot by 2 foot space and filled up another yard container. (In between containers I went inside to regroup. Get undizzy. Rehydrate. Check facebook.) Then I moved to the back corner and filled up a third container with the weeds from a 2 foot by 2 foot space. I still have 100's of feet of garden to deal with. I just randomly selected weed patches this afternoon.

I ran out of containers and energy. And interest. Seriously. Somebody might be pinning something on pinterest. What am I doing mucking around in the dirt? I should be getting creative ideas. And dreaming of making things.

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