Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Really Tired of Coughing

This has not been a fun day off.

Frozen cubes of aloe vera for those of you experiencing summer sunshine.
We aren't.

GREAT idea for maps...
Where you were born.
Where you got married.
Where you went on your honeymoon.
Where you live now...

Amazing staircase, no?

Just tie ribbons on a string of twinkle lights.

Hey Drew, this is for you:

3 things I B thankful 4:

1. I'm not wasting sunny days being sick. Weather has been lousy right alongside me.
2. I have a craving for Special K. AND I HAVE SOME IN THE HOUSE. This is a strange phenomenon.
3. A friend's husband and his BFF have offered to come to my house on Saturday to do my blue jobs. I don't understand this type of generosity. They have offered a number of times and I have politely been ignoring their earnest desire to 'do those things a guy should do'... However, they seem keen. And I would love the help... So it'll feel like Christmas around here, come the weekend. I am being given a wonderful gift. I am blessed indeed.


A few more cool guest room ideas:


Anonymous said...

Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair? What about RELATIONSHIPS and things ending HAPPILY EVER AFTER? What about death being circumventable with TRUE LOVE's KISS?
Oh I'm so mad. Hair is not the worst way Disney screws us up.
Bitter much?
Yes, thank you.
LOVE September

Tricia said...

Pintrest. It makes being sick a bit easier, doesn't it?