Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week Two. Day One ...

... of Summer Vacation 2011:

For those of you reading who are not living in the lower mainland of BC, our summer weather hasn't really arrived yet. We had 2 nice days last week. Since then it's been overcast.
This is the forecast for my week off:


However, it did not rain today, so I went outside and played.
I picked up a friend after lunch and we strolled around Mill Lake.

And saw an assortment of feathered residents.

From there we went over to the House of James to check out music options, see what was on sale as far as reading material goes, and have a snack in their coffee bar.

A great way to spend the day.

This evening I picked up a different friend and we headed in the opposite direction - we ended up on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. We shopped for shoes and looked at the riot sites,

One of the boards from the boarded up windows.

then we set up our lawn chairs by the stairs between the ice rink and the art gallery to watch Fried Green Tomatoes on an outdoor screen with about 300 other folks:

A beautiful night to sit outside and watch a movie.
And I forgot how much I loved that movie...

All day long I kept thinking to myself, "You are so lucky, with this great life you have. Friends. Lakes. Walks. Country. City. Options. No fistulas. No fear for your life. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky."

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. walk'ntalks
2. tea'ntalks
3. new crocs


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