Thursday, September 22, 2011


Wuthering Heights is harsh, man.
Never did get that book finished. Participated in all kinds of online cheating - but still. 
I was ashamed at tonight's meeting. Which I hosted. And, uh, lead. (Only because my copy of WH had book club questions in the back. NOT because I am a control freak.)

Next time I will do better.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Reconnecting with old friends over a quick tea that lengthens into a 4 hour visit that goes deep, fast.
2. After a 2 month break, Book Club is back on again. Oh how I love talking about books. 
3. I was able to say 'yes'  when Clint called on Monday night and asked if I had any leftovers for him. True, some weren't leftovers, per se, (they were future meals in progress) but still, it only took another hour to have 4 meals ready for him. 
4. Clint. Max. Drew.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane. You are forgiven for not finishing the book, but I still think you probably should, just so you can say you did. BTW I am wracking my brain trying to remember the missing book on your list of books we've read. Have you figured it out? How do I get to your page on pinterest to check this out? I am a wee bit obsessed by stuff like this, as evidenced by me blurting out "The Happiness Project!!!" last night when I thought it was the missing link. Yes. I am a bit strange. Help me.