Friday, September 23, 2011

Such a Good Day

Being a tad introverted by nature, I am totally fine on days like these at the office. Days like these? Would be days that I am there by myself. All alone. Listening to sermons online, doing data entry and planning some great Gala events.

What's not to love? So good.

And then, after work, the rain stopped falling for 22 minutes. Just enough time to do a photo shoot. I LOVE taking pics of happy people. And these people were all smiles. What's not to love? So good.

And Danica let me take some pics of her in a pink shirt for my 30 Day Photography Challenge:

And after that? I went to the double feature at the Clova: (Shannon, you totally should've been with us)


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Thursdays. Seriously.
2. Sisters with scissors.
3. Norway. Did you know: "Norway has a powerful spiritual heritage. The influence of Pietism, prayer and revival movements within Lutheranism over the past 200 years is still strong. About 90% of Norwegians are church members ..."


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Robin said...

Jane, Mr. Poppers Penquins was one of my favourite books many years ago. Didn't know there was a movie.