Saturday, September 24, 2011

Make Over

Last week? Or maybe it was two weeks ago, I picked up Maxine so we could drive together to a dinner we were going to.

Man, that woman cleans up nicely.
Her eyes looked fantastic.

We sat down to dinner and I noticed that Rose and Terry's eyes sparkled too. They'd done their make up SO well. And I hadn't done anything besides reapply another layer of foundation and add another coat of mascara.
What is wrong with me?
I think I'm missing a female gene or something.
(By the way, I've got some very artistic friends. And I think they see their faces as blank canvases sometimes.)

So tonight, after getting my sister to brighten and lighten up my head, I went over to the Stelts, where Kaitlynn was looking forward to slapping paint on my face. First we walked over to the local brown woman who threaded my eye brows, and whoa. OUCH. But cheap.

After that I washed my face, then used an abrasive scrub. By the time I sat on her stool, my face was red. We applied, oh, I don't know, 72 different products to my skin, before she addressed my uneven red blochy face. Layer upon layer of powders were added before we got to my eyelids. Which also received at least 14 layers of colors.

Yes. I was feeling very naked and totally vulnerable having someone standing that close to my nude face. This is not easy for me to do.
I feel ugly with (my version of) make up on  - it was 100 times worse having someone see me with NONE on.

I now have a shopping list of all the brushes I need (one for each color of shadow) and a list of all the shadow colors I must own.

I dunno.

I remember my mom putting blue eye shadow on my grandma's eyes back in the '70's and declaring how much younger/better she looked and feeling skeptical... I mean, my granny was old. And wrinkled. And putting a splash of blue on her eye lids didn't change that. And that's kinda how I feel about my own face.

It's old. The damage left from years of cystic acne have taken a toll. When the kids were little they described it as 'crumply'. They were so right.

Anyway, this is my new look for special occasions. Work and hanging out at home, are not special occasions, so I will rarely take the 2 hours required to get me looking like this very often.

Sandra took the 'after' photo. Exactly like this - it has not been cropped:

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who love pinterest too:

2. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Yay.

3. My house.


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Anonymous said...

you look BEAUTIFUL! You ARE beautiful!