Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Remember back in July?
When our office was closed and we all took holidays at the same time even though it rained for those 14 days and I had nowhere to go?
But it turned OK anyway because God is good that way.

We're doing that again. Sort of.
Well, our whole office is fasting for 24 hours right now. And tomorrow we're praying. For, like a long time.

And I'm hungry.
And tomorrow I will be hungrier.
And our office is going to be filled with starving people tomorrow. Many growlie tummies. So keep that in mind if you call.

But people smarter than me have organized this, and I'm confident it will turn out OK because God is good that way.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Drew's car is home. Thankful that his friend's parents were OK having it at their place for the past year while he worked on it. Thankful for Ben helping him swap in a new ignition (this one with a KEY) so that he could start it.

2. Thankful that I got to drive around Langley with my very happy son tonight. I felt like I was 17, driving around with that other O boy.... my memories of the 70's accompanied us.

3. Thankful that we're only fasting for 24 hours.


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