Thursday, September 15, 2011


When you read that title, did you say 'led' like the metal or 'leed' like the verb?
Just wondering.

I intended for you to read it as if it were the verb. You know, lead - that thing that leaders do.

A couple years ago, on a rainy day, I walked down to our local diner and brought some smoked ham, split pea and lentil soup back to the office. Just as I entered the front lobby, the bottom of the soggy paper bag gave way and my lunch, with it's consistency and color similar to toddler diarrhea, splatted onto the burgundy carpet. By the time I had removed my jacket, thrown the bag into the garbage, and got back to the front, Steve (our Vice-President) was on his hands and knees, scooping up the mess. I joined him, embarrassed and feeling awkward. After most of the solids had been removed, I went back to my desk, mortified at the mess/stain right in the middle of our lobby area.

The following day when I came in, there was Steve, again, on his hands and knees, scrubbing the carpet with a special pea-soup-removal product. Smiling.

The respect that I had for him on that day? Has resurfaced many times over the years. But it really skyrocketed this past month when we were told that, even though the official announcement wouldn't be made til Sept 15 - Steve Brown was going to be Arrow's new Canadian President. Since that day in early September? Steve has been parking his car on the street, leaving the three reserved parking spots right next to the building available for other members of the nine-person Arrow team.

I am 50 years old and seen a few leaders in my time. But never one as selfless, giving, grace-filled and servant-hearted as Steve.

He's wicked smart too, by the way. (Thought I'd throw that in there, in case you were thinking you just have to be a nice guy to be prez.)

Congratulations Steve.
Reverend Doctor President Brown  -  Lead On.

Left to Right, Carson Pue, (CEO), Steve Brown (Arrow President, Canada)

Oh. By the way, we got a new President in the USA as well. Scott Vandeventer. He's cool too.
No really. He is.

Left to Right; Scott Vandeventer, (Arrow President, USA), Carson Pue (CEO)

Today's announcement:

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My job.
2. Leaders who lead like Jesus.
3. Randomly running into someone I just happened to have a book for in my truck. Love that.


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