Friday, September 16, 2011

Photography Challenge Update

I'm still taking pics.
Is anyone else doing the challenge too?

I'm doing this all by myself?

Sucks to be me.

It was overcast today.
YAY! I got to take cloud pics:

It felt like fall today.
The absence of sun = end of summer.
A sad equation.

Another blogger that I follow has started pinning.
It's infectious I tell you.
Stay away.
If you value your time, stay far, far, away.

If you're bored. Check out my boards.

My friend, Carolyn's daughter (Charlene) is now blogging. Yay. Another thing to read.
Actually it's not just another thing to read - it's an INTELLIGENT thing to read.

If you want to know a little more about art, architecture and cities, go here.

Getting back to my photography challenge, another type of pic I have ("have" is too strong a word) want (that's better, I WANT) to take is technology.


I could've used this one: (or any that I took of him that evening) because he has a KINDLE in his hands. And he's reading a book that is not made of paper. So that = technology. Right?

But I didn't.
I used a pic of my boy and his toy for the "Someone I love" pose.

My next thought was getting a posed photo of Drew and Danica with their new phones, but Drew isn't always cooperative when he sees me and my camera.

And then?
Yesterday at work?
During our two and a half hour prayer time?
Our US President skyped in from California.
And our CEO skyped in from Murrayville.
And our VP Advancement skyped in from Portland.
And we (in the office) positioned all the laptops so they could see each other.
Then we set the laptops up at the end of the table so they could see us.

And this?

Unfortunately it's also boring. Or, at least, it's a boring photo.
Which is too bad, because I couldn't capture, really, the awesomeness of having an international prayer time take place right in front of me.

See what I mean?

Three laptops "talking".

Water on the table because we were fasting.
That entire wall behind the laptops? Is a white board... that's right. We write on it. Then wipe it off.
I want a wall like that in my house someday. I would write lists on it.

On second thought, after viewing these pics again - this will NOT be my technology photo. It's just not a good image.


The power has been on and off this evening, which is irritating and disconcerting. I hate being home alone when the power goes out at midnight. I hear noises.

Especially tonight.

I was sitting at the kitchen table and I heard something on the wall beside me in the family room between the windows. Something climbing. Freaked me out. So I texted Clint. Because I don't know why.

I decided that I must've left the window open, and so all I really was hearing was rain water trickling down the wall, NOT something going up the wall.

I went upstairs to have a candle-lit bubble bath. The noise of water running in the tub would drown out all other sounds, and I could concentrate on praying for New Zealand (tonight's country). I was barely in the tub when the power came back on again (with my house alarm going off to signal it was reconnected to a power source) (THAT is annoying) (And SUPER LOUD so I imagine I don't have many fans amongst my neighbours) so after I dried off I went downstairs to blow out candles and turn off lights.

I turned the corner, entering the back of the house, and naturally, as eyes are wont to do, mine locked on the big black spot on the crown moulding in the family room that wasn't there earlier in the evening.

It was a spider the size of a baseball. Basket ball? Moon ball? Just sitting up there, staring at me. Goading me. Challenging me. Staking his claim on the family room.

He won.
I turned off the lights, grabbed my laptop and ran upstairs.

Do you know what this means?

They are noisy, yo?

Know what else it means?
I'm never going downstairs again.


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