Monday, September 19, 2011

Vancouver. I love you.

On Saturday, six of us spent the day being tourists in Vancouver. This is the second time I've done that this summer. (Yes, despite the weather, it IS still summer. In my heart and on the calendar.)

Our first stop was "little mountain" (aka Queen Elizabeth Park) ...

Quarry Garden

We walked through the Observatory ($5) and then around the gardens (FREE).
And the rain held off. Which didn't mean anything as far as hair goes. That Observatory did my bangs in and I was self conscious and shaggy the rest of the day.

Fall Colors at the Quarry Garden

After Queen Elizabeth Park, we made our way to Granville Island where we walked through the market. OH MY GOODNESS it's as awesome (and as expensive) as I remember it being 20 years ago, when I was last there. SO much good food. If you've got a craving for Mango Gelato, buy it from the pizza guy in the food court. Seriously good.

After we had been fed, we hopped on the aqua bus and zipped over to the Science World Dock ...

And from that cute little ferry? THE BEST VIEWS ever of the World's Most Stunning City:

We walked along the waterfront on the nicest pedestrian walkway you could imagine. Picturesque and wide and groomed and beautiful.

We detoured at the Olympic Village to check out the development.
The "green space" inbetween the buildings had some big ass scary birds as decorative items.

The units were lovely. We walked through 3 show suites: $550,000, $950,000 and $1,200,000

I like my house better.

We ended up back at Granville Island for a bit of shopping, then drove over to Kits for a delishUSH Greek dinner served to us by an adorable Irish gal. Our evening ended at a New Age bookstore on 4th that smelled of incense and spirituality.

Know what I loved about the day?
Just about everything.

Everything. I loved everything.
I love being this age. Seriously. Everyone is so over the cliques and snarkiness and being judgmental. We were 6 women with an age range of ten years, all from totally different walks of life and it totally didn't matter.

(I was watching the Emmy's tonight and completely came undone when they were announcing the nominees for the lead actress in a comedy series category. Did you watch? Did you see it? The first nominee was Amy Poehler and when she heard her name, she hopped out of her seat and proceeded up the stairs onto the stage. Which, uh, is not what one does. After that, each nominee joined her on stage and held hands:

and when Melissa McCarthy won, they all hugged her. Because it's what women do. The camera panned the audience, and THERE WERE OTHER WOMEN CRYING TOO, so it wasn't just me. And where was I going with this? Oh yeah. We were 6 women on Saturday, just like the 6 women above.

Coincidentally, I looked like the large one in the middle with all those tiny ones beside me, but that's not neither here nor there. And we have different hair, clothes, shapes, tans, families and  it just doesn't matter. I've heard people say about getting to know someone new, "What do we have in common? Nothing. There would be no point." Or, "our lives are so different. What would we talk about?"

Seriously? If we only talked to/befriended people exactly like us, we might as well eat dinner with a mirror propped up beside us.)

It was a good day.
The rest of the photos can be seen here.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. After a great walkntalk on Friday night in Aldergrove, I came home to a house full of boys (my favorite thing EVER to come home to).
2. Saturday's shenanigans. So thankful for friendship, laughter, non-rainy days, big cities, mini vans, Greek food, and deep conversations interspersed with light ones.
3. Sunday dinner where there are people sharing a meal with me. Yay for dad, mom, Drew and Danica being in the mood for baked ham and scalloped potatoes.
4. Thankful that facebook Wheel of Fortune only lets you play 3 rounds per 24 hours.
5. Thankful that my bookclub is going to extend grace on Wednesday night because I likely won't have my book read in time. Seriously. Has anyone read Wuthering Heights and enjoyed it?
6. Creativity. Man I love pinterest.
7. Enthusiastic people. I am so thankful for them.
8. Bathtubs.
9. Dishwashers.
10. Boys who still let me pray with them.


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