Monday, September 26, 2011


That's another way of saying 'exhausted'.
I am learning things, yo?
And my brain is thinking and thinking and trying to rememborize stuff and I'm old and I don't want to look like the dumbest chick in the room.

It's the Great-Data-Migration-From-One-System-To-Another-of-2011-Training-Sessions.
And I'm yawning right now. Big wide open full mouth yawns and it's only 11 pm.

So I think this'll be it fer tonight.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Brett dropped in for a private tutorial on how to use his new toy. I love the patience and joy Drew had in explaining each feature to him.

2. Friendships in general. I love watching friends hang. Their ease around each other. The banter. The camaraderie. The unspoken communication. Love that.

3.Technology. Even though I grumble about the pace at which things are progressing, I am happy to enjoy the benefits of all the upgrades.


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