Friday, October 14, 2011

All Work and No Play ...

... is boring.

Whoa. Thank goodness this busy-ness is only for a season. I would be very grumpy if I had to keep this up for more than a few months. I sound like a gen y-er, don't I? I've raised three of them, so I guess they've influenced me.

Today was the first day since last Sunday (Oct 2) that I felt 100%. That cold whipped the life outa me. And I think tonight was the first night since Sept 30 that I've done something social. If you call going to the high school to sit in on a grad info meeting social. I do. Anything can be fun. It's all in your mind. And the attitude you bring with you.

Speaking of attitudes... don't you love being around people with good ones?
People who are enthusiastic. People who are positive. People who make an effort to get to know someone. People who aren't all wrapped up in their own worlds. People who bring their good vibes along with them, regardless of where they're going.

Which reminds me of a pinterest poster, "You are responsible for the energy you bring to this place."

Last Friday night, at my Thanksgiving dinner, I so appreciated those folks who walked in the door happy to be in my house. Happy to be with the other people gathered here. Happy to find out what everyone else was up to. Happy to play a game. Happy to visit. Happy to talk to someone they hadn't chatted with in awhile.

I'd like to think I am that person too.

But then, on Wednesday at work, whilst I was in the middle of something important and time-sensitive, I get called away from my desk to join the rest of the team in the lunchroom for our usual mid-week gathering. As I grumble my way down the hall, I justify my bad attitude with silent complaints of busy-ness and deadlines. There were 8 of us. All busy. All under pressure to get things done.

And here I was, being that relative that showed up for Thanksgiving because I had to. Most everyone else in the room were those other relatives who were there because of all their Friday night choices, THIS is where they wanted to be.

And worse of all?
We were going to talk to God.
He was there, waiting for us, and I was all, "I'm busy".
Metaphorically speaking, He'd gone and cooked this nice turkey dinner for me, and I showed up all "OK . I'm here. I'm busy. I can't stay long. Do I have to talk to everyone? I'd rather just get lost in my own thoughts..."

I am responsible for the energy I bring to wherever I go.
I can choose any attitude.

And some days? I choose wrong.


Have you heard/seen this?

We are the 99 percent. It's letters written by people (the "99%" majority,who are struggling financially in the States.)

There is an 'occupy' movement where folks can non-violently object to political policies and corporate greed by gathering together in large masses to send a message to 'the man'.

Apparently one is being planned for Vancouver as well. This Saturday.

This is the poster:

Clint posted this on his facebook wall along with a comment on how alot of these issues are NOT CANADIAN. And some of these issues are the result of an individuals poor decision making, not a corporations need to turn a profit. (ie credit card debt)
And a debate erupted in which his dad weighed in.
And it was all very enlightening and a little bit entertaining.

Then Halee posted this photo:

And opposing sides exercised their right to freedom of speech and another debate was off and running.

Know that I mostly learned from this discussion?

Is that some people can share their views with clarity and respect, while others state their position and then fire a few grenades that attack personally and make a (bloody) mess of the discussion process.

There is an art to arguing. Some people bring skill and integrity to the drawing board. Others stand back and fling paint at the easel and don't care if it sticks or looks good. The important thing is that they participated and that everyone sees (or gets splattered with) the paint.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Drew has only been late for school once this year. This is an all-time FAMILY record of which I'm very proud.

2. I had a friend to sit with at tonight's meeting. Why is that so important to me?

3. It did not rain today. It sure didn't. I am thankful because after work I had a ton of errands to do and it's way better for my hair if I don't get soaked while dropping of recyclables, picking up drycleaning, buying milk, zipping in to the post office and so on.


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