Monday, October 31, 2011

Can We Turn Back Time?

It's Halloween.

This used to be bigger than Christmas for me. 100 people at the farm. $2000 in fireworks. 2 - 3 tables laden with crock pot foods. Pounds of baking. A bonfire that kept everyone warm and twinkle lights everywhere.

It was a multi-generational thing.
And it never rained.

Those were the good ol days.

On this wonderfully mild evening?

I am sitting on the ottoman in my living room, with my laptop on my lap, working on a communications project for work, eating ichiban soup, jumping up every 3 minutes to hand out candy, listening to the party in my attic and waiting for Drew to call so I know he's safe. (Not mentioning any names in order to protect the guilty - LAST Halloween we had two separate police incidents as well as an ambulance ride to round out the evening.) SO I AM JUSTIFIED IN MY WORRYING.

Who coulda predicted ten years ago that this is what Halloween would look like?


How about those Canuck's?
On Saturday, Val (Happy 49th Birthday Cuz-end) (A smoosh of "cousin" and "friend". Did you see how I did that?) and I along with D squared (Drew and Danica) (look at me be all creative with words tonight) who were celebrating 18 months of 'going around', went out for dinner at the Cactus Club, then watched the game at Rogers Arena and It. Was. Awesome. We won. 7 - 4. And there was a penalty shot. And we had a Russian guy (think James Bond's arch enemy) sitting beside us, shouting in that language they speak and it was funny. And the opening video montage got me choked, as per always (EVEN Drew said he got tingly. Or was it goose-bumpy? Or something like that) and Oh Canada was wonderful. And we won. And traffic was No Big Deal especially considering that the BC Lions were playing in the stadium Right Next Door. (Ahem? Do other cities around the world do this as well? Have a 20,000 seat arena and a 50,000 seat arena almost touching? And then have sold out sporting events on the same night? Starting at the same time?

Who plans these things?
Anyways, it was no big deal. Which is either a testament to my superior driving, or most everyone else took skytrain.
But boy howdy that was a fun evening.

Say whut? I just had some older kids at the door and they weren't dressed up, they didn't even have bags. They just held out their hands and asked for candy.
I looked at them and said, "Seriously? This is a whole new level of laziness. You couldn't even find a hat to wear or a bag to carry?" And them I gave them each 3 things. Because I didn't want to look cheap just putting one packet of rockets in their open palm. Who wants to be judged by some 13 year olds? Not me. They got rockets, a mini box of chiclets and a mini chocolate bar.

I shouldn't be encouraging them. Next year they'll be back with their friends.

I'm choosing to be supportive of their begging-for-candy activities because it might deter them from blowing themselves up with fireworks.


See any good movies lately?

Going in with unrealistically high expectations, a friend and I saw the new Three Muskateers.
These boys?

Are NOT these boys:


This boy?

(Who was Mel Gibson's youngest son in The Patriot)

Probably has good future ahead of him.

My prediction.

If you have a young-ish family, with say, sons between the ages of 8 and 12, this squeaky clean film could become a favorite.

I left the theatre desperate to see the Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland version.

I had it on VHS.
About 100 years ago.

By the way, I discovered I still am a fan of the floaty white pirate shirt on men:

Regardless of who is wearing it:



Lest you think it's all fun and games over here in pixnprose land, let me remind you that this is a death zone if you are a rodent. They will not live to see Remembrance Day. I am sick and tired of sharing my living space with sharp nosed, ugly, furry, poopy pests. The end.


Just got a phone call from a son. It's 9 pm.
Can I meet him? He'd like some vampire blood, a chainsaw, his suit, some dress shoes, and the box of fireworks from his bedroom.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This night will be over soon.
2. We've already caged a possum. One down. Ten gazillion to go.
3. I've got some fun things planned for this month. Yay for happy plans.


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