Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've Bin Reading for 2 Hours.

(OK, not really. But for the sake of easy math, let's pretend that I read for an entire hour when I started.)

Book  I’m Currently  Reading: Same one. Agent X. Snappy-ish dialogue between two FBI agents who are kinda flirting with each other while hunting down Russian spies. 

Details of My Reading Environment: Still in bed. Still awkward to blog. Still awesome for reading.Half an hour ago I could here the rain. It was lovely. But now? There is sunshine out there. And from this angle on my bed I can see brilliant gold leaves outside my window. I notice that Rachel is adding photos to her blog posts. Do I have a choice? The bar has been set high ... It's not enough to simply read for 24 hours. One has to be witty and creative in the reporting process as well. Oy the pressure.

I Ate Something: Still no. 

Pages Read This Hour: 48

Total Pages Read: 108
Why I didn’t read for the whole 60 minutes this hour: Because blogging takes time, yo. And blogging sideways takes even longer. I am enduring physical discomfort in order to keep you updated on my reading journey. 

Books I’ve finished: Not one yet. 


1 comment:

Emily Rogers said...

Stay in bed for as long as possible! I wish I was still there... Happy Readathon!