Saturday, October 22, 2011

This hour has 31 minutes

I started!
At 8:29 am.

Book  I’m Currently  Reading: Agent X

Details of My Reading Environment: I`m in my bedroom at the cabin, very snuggled in my down comforter from home. The only sounds I hear are my stomach grumbling and the overhead fan`s dangling chain clicking as it sways. This is very comfortable for reading. Not so much for blogging. 
My laptop (which MUST be plugged in) is beside me on my bed. The power cord is stretched as far as it can go and it's just not long enough. I have to contort to type and I make a typo every fourth letter. This makes the reporting process tedious. May have to adjust my environment next hour. 

I Ate Something: No I didn`t. But I will soon.

Pages Read This Hour: 22. 

Total Pages Read: In order to determine if a book was read-a-thon worthy, I read the first chapters of five books this past week. That little jump start took me ahead 40 pages.

Why I didn’t read for the whole 60 minutes this hour: I was sleeping. And hoping to start this thing at 8 am. But not hoping enough to actually set my alarm. Good thing I've got a bladder infection. It woke me up and forced me to run to the bathroom. 

Books I’ve finished: None yet. 

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Uniflame said...

I hope you will feel better soon. At least you have a good excuse to curl up with a book. It is actually a pretty smart thing to read ahead to see if a book is readathon worthy! :)