Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've Bin Reading for 4 Hours

No I haven't.

Book  I’m Currently  Reading: Same one. Agent X. 

Details of My Reading Environment: I am sitting on a hard chair at the table. The sisters are just over there, each on a couch, being very quiet. They are taking this very seriously and/or have fabulous books in their faces. I am a little jealous. I wish I was reading The Hunger Games for the first time right now.

I Ate Something: Yes I did. A toasted blueberry bagel.

Pages Read This Hour: A big fat zero. Mostly because I woke up at 11:30 and knew I had to change my ways. So I've spent this past half hour fully waking up. My teeth been brushed. My face done washed. Facial skin has a colored powdered covering on it. My belly bin fed. And a few pics been taken. 

Total Pages Read: Same as last time... 134. BUT watch me burn through pages this hour. 

Why I didn’t read for the whole 60 minutes this hour: See excuse explanation above.

Books I’ve finished: Nary a one.

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