Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've Been Reading for 5 Hours

Book  I’m Currently  Reading: Same one. Why oh why didn't I choose shorter books with big font? Why didn't I go with my instinct of reading YA fiction?

Details of My Reading Environment: Still sitting at the kitchen table, beside the sliding door, on a hard chair because I refuse to get too comfy. The sisters are being very quiet. Only sounds are Rachel updating her blog and the furnace. Maybe the fridge is humming too.

I Ate Something: I did not. Although there are alot of snacks here. I will dip in soon.

Pages Read This Hour: 42

Total Pages Read: 176

Why I didn’t read for the whole 60 minutes this hour: Oh but I did.

Books I’ve finished: None. *Hangs head.

View from my current reading spot:


Jessica @ Books: A true story said...

I love the view! Your status update made me smile, especially about the lamenting of reading a long book with small font and not getting too comfortable :) I think I'm going to head outside and get something to eat. Keep up with the read-a-thon!

Elizabeth - said...

You are doing great! And I'm totally jealous of your view. Best of luck in the coming hours!
Elizabeth with Team Froot Loops