Saturday, October 22, 2011

I've Bin Reading for 6 Hours

Book  I’m Currently  Reading: Same one. There is intrigue, dead bodies, clues and codes. The witty banter seems a bit contrived at times, but alas- a twist in the tale. So I shall carry on.

Details of My Reading Environment: Still sitting at the kitchen table. Hearing a dozy fly buzzing into the sliding door at my side. Slightly annoying, but not enough to move me to action.

I Ate Something: Bekah made these shortbread thingy's that are to die for. I helped myself.

Pages Read This Hour: 32

Total Pages Read: 208

Why I didn’t read for the whole 60 minutes this hour: OK. See. The beds here are not top quality. And while they were brand new when we built this place, this place is now 17 years old (just like Drew). Even so, they don't get slept on more than 10 nights a year - so, they're kinda still new-ish. But not comfortable. On my list of things to do in the next 1001 days is to make my bed here more appealing. And seeing I'd be sleeping on it TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW, I decided, on the night before the gala, to go shopping for bed supplies. At Costco. 

I bought 2 Queen-sized memory foams for two of the beds here. Seemed wrong that I got a comfy bed (my sister's bed has already been upgraded because she is the queen of comfort), and one of my guests didn't. But they are HEAVY and cumbersome, so we didn't bother unpacking them last night at 1 am. 

All that to say? I took a portion of this hour to finish emptying my truck. Took 3 trips. And also, I bought new towels. So I washed a load of them. And also. I have no sheets on my bed here, so I bought new sheets too. And had to wash them.

Next time I do this, I'm staying in a hotel. Seriously. 

And we had a visitor this hour. The sisters mom, who is at a conference at Stillwood, dropped by to say hi. 

THUS, 32 measly pages were read. I feel I have no rythm going here. 

Books I’ve finished: 0

Some snacks:
The baking dish in the front has shortbread heaven in it.
The round baking dish in the back has homemade not-yet-baked cinnamon buns rising in it. She's just turned the oven on, so I suspect we'll be eating those soon.

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April (BooksandWine) said...

"Don't stop, never give up
Hold your head high and reach the top"