Sunday, October 2, 2011


I don't want to have a cold.
I had one in the summer, so I'm really not due for another one til 2013.

So annoying.

Three things I"m thankful for:
1. Despite feeling crappy, I tackled the two jobs that have been weighing me down for the past 48 hours: those pans that have been soaking? Are WASHED. And that toilet that was plugged? IS FLUSHABLE.
Yay for freedom from pressing responsibilities.

2. Despite feeling crappy, I went to church tonight. To listen to another message from Revelations. It was packed. And I didn't know a single person. That seems weird sometimes.

3. Because I'm feeling crappy not much else got done today.

Are you my facebook friend? Did you see the pics I posted of Drew and Dani and their friends just before they left for their grad dinner cruise?

You can see them here. 

They are too cute:

Here they are with their friends, Cailie and Mike:

Danica and some friends:

Drew and his buddies:

More pretty girls:

And handsome guys:


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