Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Read A Thon Wrap Up

That was fun.
No seriously. It was all kinds of awesome.

TOTES doing that again.

However, seeing I'm not a book-review blogger, and not really part of 'that' online community, there really isn't any reason why I have to do it on the same weekend that hundreds (thousands?) of book bloggers are. I can pick any weekend. WHENever I want.

So I think I'll do this again over the Christmas break. Because I can. And I want to.

Things I will remember for next time:
1. Do not arrange to participate minutes after the biggest planning event of your career has taken place.

2. Do not spend a disproportional amount of time driving vs sleeping during the weekend. (Coquitlam to New West to Vancouver to Burnaby to Cultus Lake at the front end. Then Cultus Lake to Maple Ridge to Burnbaby to Langley to Abbotsford then home at the back end.) I spent more time in my truck than I did in my bed.

3. Do not worry about 'page count' or 'total books read'. JUST READ for the love of reading. I lost this somewhere along the line.

4. If possible, arrange to do '24 hours over a weekend' instead of 24 hours in a row. (Maybe 8 hours on a Friday night, 12 hours on a Saturday, and 4 hours on a Sunday.) People are less cranky that way. Or maybe not. Some people are just cranky, regardless of sleep.

5. DO plans your snacks and meals in advance so minimal time is spent on food prep. THIS WORKED FABULOUSLY.

6. Do give everyone the freedom to eat and sleep whenever it works into their reading rhythm. This worked so well with the sisters.

7. Do make sure everyone knows that reading = no talking. (That's why I like the 24 hours over a weekend idea. Because, really? When there are people sitting around reading books? Ideas flow. Conversation is itchin to be had. And taking breaks gives y'all a chance to chin wag.)

8. Do NOT spend all your reading hours in the same position. Bed sores, or something similar, begin to form.

9. Make sure everyone has a good reading light.

10. Don't read to the end of a book just because you've invested 5 hours in it if you're really not enjoying yourself. (I should have done this with my first book. I feel like I wasted my read-a-thon on a book that was simply not worthy.)

11. Have something fun planned so that you have a good thing to look forward to when the 'thon' is over. Nothing worse than post-event let-down, when all you've got ahead of you is laundry or dishes. I picked up Danica and together we met Drew at the airport, who was coming home from his weekend with Mandi in Calgary.

12. If possible. Try to arrange with the Almighty to have perfect weather. Like we did. It was rainy and grey all day Saturday - perfect for snuggling inside with a book or 12. Then on Sunday? When we were tired of being cooped up? It. Was. Glorious.


I went for a walk up this trail.

And stood under a canopy of yellow and blue.

And it was warm and wonderful.

And heck, yeah. I totally know how lucky I am.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The Gala was a success. Our objectives for the evening were met. Yay. Thank you Jesus for answered prayer.

2. Drew got back from a solo weekend away, safely. Thank you God for protecting him. Thank you for Mandi and their friendship.

3. Thankful for these two girls who hung out with me all weekend. Love being around kind, creative, fun people. And Rachel and Rebekah were all that and more.


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