Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Didn't.

Things I Didn't Do:
1. Stay overnight at Cultus this summer.
2. Go for a walk at Crescent Beach and have gelato.
3. Go to Richmond Night Market.
4. Walk across the new pedestrian overpass and wander through the park trails on the other side.
5. Lose any weight.
6. Get rid of the rodents sharing my living space with me.
7. Get pregnant.
8. Deal with the weeds in the rocks beside the driveway.
9. Find a way to hate chocolate.
10. Write anything significant.
11. Learn how to use the manual feature on my camera.
12. Back up all my photo files onto an external hard drive.
13. Learn to drive stick.
14. Take a course on word processing or graphic design.
15. Develop a liking for rooibos tea.
16. Stop loving my kids.
17. Lose my faith.
18. Discontinue praying for those I love. And those I don't.
19. Forget how to sign in to smugmug.
20. Have an affair, sell my body or steal a car.
21. Eat 3 sensible meals, daily.
22. Discover a new planet.
23. Develop a passion for celery.
24. Give up.
25. Stop trusting Him to work things out in His perfect time for His purposes.
26. Buy a coat. Or boots. Or beer. Or a new house.
27. Wish I was living in Africa.
28. Make a difference.
29. Make enough money.
30. Make anything with a sewing machine.
31. Make plans for what to do with my life after this year of celebrating my 50th birthday is over.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

#28 doesn't belong there. You make a difference everyday, in your friends lives, your sons lives and my life.