Monday, January 16, 2012

I was going to go to bed.

But then I thought of Rachel, getting up at 2 am for a night feeding and having nothing new to read. And then I thought of Kandance, who has just started reading this blog and I felt obligated, you know?

So for them I'll come up with 3 things I'm thankful for. And maybe answer one of those 365 questions. And find a photo to post.

While I'm thinking of things and answers, you can ponder this. My live Christmas tree is still up. I took Christmas 'down' last week, thanks to Danica's encouragement and help. But the tree? That's a blue job. And those boys of mine who set it up a few days before Christmas will have to come back and take it away. I should take bets to see who guesses closest to the actual day. $1 per guess. Winner gets half the money. The other half goes to charity. Lookit me - a fundraiser at heart.

Know what else?
The power was out around here on the weekend. Probably for about 10 hours, give or take abit due to exaggeration. Not a single clock has been reset. And the big battery operated clock on the wall? Has a dead battery in it. It died at 6:45 am.  It will be interesting to see how tomorrow morning plays out. I personally totally missed a playdate on Saturday due to the fact that nothing woke me up.

OK. Question for today from this website:
Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?
Neither. It's a sign of emotion. Of life. Of feeling. Someone who cries alot (yes, I'm looking at you in the mirror) is not necessarily weak. And someone who never cries (yes, I'm looking at you people that came from my womb) are not necessarily strong.

I was in Costco today for 8 minutes and ran into the dental assistant from my dentist's office. She had me crying in 3 minutes. Drew was nonplussed. Danica was concerned. This apparently is non-typical behavior; her mom doesn't cry in Costco. She wondered what the conversation could possibly be about - teeth? Gums? Plaque build up? Drew guessed exactly correctly; it had nothing to do with our mouths and everything to do with our children. 

(By the way, in case you're imagining me sobbing uncontrollably in the canned foods isle, it wasn't like that. Dainty tears just leaked. That's all. )

What was the question again? 

Oh nevermind. I answered it good enough.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Fun evidence that I attended the Polaroid Party. Oldest person in the building, I think. 

I have such a friggen big head. Hats barely perch on the top. Seriously. What kind of genetics produce noggins that large?

I mean, LOOK. Adam is wearing the exact same hat in his pic with Clint. See where that hat is resting? His ears. The cowboy hat COVERS his head and comes all the way down to his ears.
On my head. It barely covers the tippity top of my skull.
Go ahead, scroll up. Look again. Then scroll down.
See what I mean?

I have a larger than average brain.

2. Fun dinner tonight at Daryl and Jule's. Three generations. Two genders. One partridge in a pear tree. 

3. Snow. I'm thankful for this weekend's snow. It came at the right time and it was beautiful. I like having 4 seasons. Good idea, God. 


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