Sunday, January 15, 2012


My boards are for me.
I pin stuff on them because I love the way those pins link back to the original source. (So if I see a photo of something yummy I pin it to my board. THEN when I click on that photo, it takes me back to the website that has the recipe to go along with the photo.)

I'm not trying to build a business for myself, do any specific networking, brand the pixnprose name, or win a popularity contest. I just pin stuff I like.

The odd time someone will 'like' something I've posted, which is kinda cool.
And once in awhile, someone will repin an item I've pinned, which is a little bit flattering, knowing that at least one other person out there likes the same things I do.

Up until this evening, I don't think I ever kept track of the numbers.

And then.


Then I found this project that I love. It involves mini white twinkle Christmas lights. Have I mentioned here how much I love them? And how I don't think they should be used exclusively in December? And how there should be some way to incorporate them into a person's home decor year round? And how I found some ideas on pinterest? And how when I told my mom about the idea, she already had an apothecary jar filled with lights in her living room? And how my mom is always on the cutting edge of decorating because she's cool like that?

No I didn't mention it here? Maybe it was my facebook status last week.

My eyelid is still twitching. Which has nothing to do with pinterest or twinkle lights. Just thought I'd keep you informed.

ANYways ... tonight I found this project:

which I love. Not the background color, but the idea. I love the idea. So I pinned it to one of my boards. And within ONE hour, 46 people repinned it. Whoa. For me? That's like winning an Oscar. And I feel like Sally Field ... "you like me, you really like me" except in my case, it's more like, "there's people out there who like the same things I like ... yay."

It reminded me of those heady Billie's Country days in the 90's when I'd put together a selection of about 150 craft classes and people would line up trying to register for them. Funny, but I haven't felt confident about my choices or taste since then.

How much reassurance do I crave anyhow? Yeesh.

I took a closer look at my boards after tonight's flurry of activity on the above pin.

Interested to know what else strangers on the internet repinned?

This piece of artwork that feels light and airy to me:

Theses words were a big hit:

Surprisingly, this photo I took of my mom's garden last summer was repinned over and over.
Go figure:

I wasn't the only one who loved this colorful doodle page:

And this cookie recipe: (Cornflakes, peanut butter and melted chocolate chips. Just 3 ingredients)

And lastly?
This graphic, with these words:

Do you have a pinterest board? Let me know. I'll follow you.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Genesis. So much to learn from the stories in that first book of the Bible. Seriously. Come to church. Jacob? Fascinating life.
2. Grace. Undeserved favor with God.
3. Gas fireplaces. Especially when the power goes out. Which it did for about 10 hours. Thankful for my house. Every single part of it, but especially the living room. And my bed. And the front entrance. And


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