Thursday, January 26, 2012

Title-less Post

Can't think of what to name this post, so it'll just remain titleless.

January did not start out with a bang.
I was lazy.
I did not have a plan.
Nor was I motivated.
I just sat. (And played Wheel of Fortune and Words with Friends.) (I've gotten pretty good.) (Not bragging. Just mentioning.)

I was tired of myself by Saturday afternoon.
So I made a list.
Lists are more fun when they're colorful.

Below is my master To Do List. My deadline is March 9. (Spring Break)
Orange = Things to Clean
Blue = Appointments to Make
Yellow = Stuff to Buy
Pink = Events to Plan
The other Orange = Crap I've Got to Do

As chores get accomplished, I remove the post it note from my bedroom wall.
Unfortunately, chores beget chores. And after I removed two stickies this afternoon, I thought of 5 more to add.


My friend, Denise's sister (Nadine) died last week. She had been battling cancer for the past ten months, and her passing was not unexpected. (Yes, if you're keeping track, this is my third friend in 4 weeks that is experiencing a huge loss.)

Like, Marg did for her dad, Denise made room in her home for Nadine, and cared for her right up until the last stage. I have watched these two friends set their lives on hold while they selflessly devoted their time and energy to these family members that needed them. They handled the meds, the never-ending doctor appointments, the lab visits, the food prep ... they loved on their loved ones with gentleness and kindness. I never heard either of them complain or whine about the imposition, or say 'this is not my gifting/I didn't sign up for this'...

I am humbled by their Christ-like demonstration of love.

Truly, God has filled my life with amazing role models. There is nothing more attractive/compelling than selflessness.

Tonight was book club night at my place and we discussed Cutting for Stone. One of the lines in the book is resonating with me this evening: "How it treats the least of it's brethren is the measure of a country."
I think the same is true for families, "How they treat their elderly/failing/special needs members is the true measure of a family."

Denise, Marg, Heather and mom? Thank you.
Thank you for not bailing when the going got tough.
The world (or at least a portion of it), is watching.
We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses... thank you for finishing the race til the end.


My Christmas Tree (the live cut one? that the boys delivered and set up right before the 25th?) IS STILL UP. (In the stand. In the family room. Loosing needles.)

This fact reveals to you how often my oldest comes home. Twice in December. Once in November. Once in October. So far, not at all in January.

Seriously. I think my friend, Sue saw Andrew (who lives in Denmark) more in 2011 than I saw Clint (who lives in Vancouver.)

To offset the Christmas thing that's going on in the back of the house, I added some hearty things to the front of my abode:

Yes, technically that's a Christmas tree too. I just threw some pink and red shiny stuff on it. It works.
Does too.

Yes, I wrapped twinkle lights around the trunk of my fake tree. Just like they do to the palm trees in Palm Springs. Yup, that heart garland (on the mantle) I made 2 years ago got used again this year. CRAFTS. Gotta love them.

Below: This is the grapevine table in my front entrance. It's hearty now too.

(Yes, one of those table items is actually intended to be for Christmas. It's a grey area, this season between Dec 25 and Feb 14... hard to define just exactly how one must decorate. If one is, in fact, inclined to decorate. ) (See pic below to fully understand how conflicted I am...)



Three things I'm thankful for:

1. January 25 - my granny died on this day in 1989. So many happy memories of her ... 
Mom? Was thinking of you today. You were probably missing her. She loved you sooo much - and was very proud of you. If she were still alive, she would love to visit you... she'd be in awe of all the lovely things in your home, would tell you you're beautiful. And smart. And good. And she'd end your visit by saying, "God be with you."

I'm thankful I got to know my grandmas. I'm thankful for the legacy of family and prayer they left behind. 

2. I'm thankful for people who write books. And for people that read books. AND FOR PEOPLE THAT LIKE TO TALK ABOUT THE BOOKS THEY'VE READ.

3. Got a lube and oil today. Thankful that they only found one other thing that needed repair. Total bill: $325. (Not $800 like it used to always be.)


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Anonymous said...

Yes, I did miss my mom. I am the same age as she was when she passed away. I know how much she loved me and she told me often. I remember saying, who would pray for me now that she was gone, and you said your little grandson (Clint) will. My mom's prayers have followed me thru my life. She was a prayer warrior, and I know if she was still here she would join me in praying for my kids and grandkids.
Interesting that you would think she would admire my earthly belongings when I think she would be more interested in me and my children and grandkids.