Thursday, March 8, 2012

15 Things Boys Should Do

Saw this list. Read all the comments. Decided to make a list too. It's a hobby of mine, this list-making thing.

Fifteen Things Boys/Young Men Should Do: (In no particular order.)

1.  Protect your head, it houses your brain. Wear a helmet whenever possible.
2. Prepare for eternity. Figure out who God is and live your life accordingly.
3. Before you get married: Own the kitchen. Fill it with food. Prepare meals. Clean up afterwards.
4. Remember ladies first. Always. Open doors every time. Seriously. I know it makes no sense, just do it.
5. Become familiar with tools; for vehicles, houses and yards. Know how to change a tire and oil, hang a picture, unplug a toilet, and assemble a set of Ikea bunkbeds.
6. Say sorry first. Do you want the relationship, or to be right?
7. If Bups were to add his two cents to this list, he'd say, keep your pecker in your pants.
8. Start with a firm handshake, make eye contact and use a strong voice when introducing yourself.
9. Never use fists to solve a dispute. Ever.
10. Don't spend more than you earn. Duh.
11. Give back. Pay it forward. Be generous. Donate time and money to causes that stir your heart.
12. Make friends. A few really good ones. Guys who will have your back, sharpen you, catch you.
13. Don't swear. The English language is rich and diverse; find and use alternatives.
14. Decide, everyday to love your wife. Keep discovering new ways to wow her and let her know she is awesome.
15. Enjoy being a father. Invest in your kids' lives. Find things to do with them that you both love doing.

Any I missed?
What are you telling your sons?


valerie said...

I like your lists.

Megan Lee said...

Excellent list.

My Thots said...

If I had a son, I think I would tell him to be kind and helpful to his mom, always. The girls he brings home will notice and it will affect his relationship with her.

Anonymous said...

Women shouldn't be giving advice about men - especially divorced ones.

Anonymous said...

yeah! men have nothing to learn from women! #facepalm