Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fifteen Things I Will Not Be Packing

Twenty four hours from now I'll be getting up.
Our US Flight leaves Bellingham at 7 am, and I WILL NOT BE RUNNING THROUGH THE BORDER AGAIN. So Drew and I will be leaving the house at 4 am.
It's been a busy three weeks.
But then, who plans for medical emergencies to occur during their 'all about me' months? Not I.
While I don't have many things struck off of that massive colorful post-it note list I prepared 6 weeks ago, I do not regret one minute I spent with my dad and mom this month.

So my house will not be in 'what if I die and someone has to go through my things' readiness when I leave. I'm just going to have to hope that whoever has to rummage around in my stuff doesn't have a blog or twitter account. (And please? My mom has enough on her hands. Can someone else deal with my crap so it doesn't fall on her plate? Thanks.)

Anyway, while having a bath, I wrote out my master list of what to pack.
And it was a good list. A fun list. A fifty year old woman list. A list that didn't include:

1. Bum cream or gripe water
2. Birth control
3. Booster seats and busy boxes
4. Juice boxes, sippy cups and fruit snacks.
5. Heavy jackets, gloves, toques, mittens
6. Snowboarding gear
7. Cookstove and waterproof matches
8. Bug spray. Calomine lotion.
9. Depends
10. Walker or cane.
11. Denture cleaning powder
12. Laxatives
13. Support hose
14. Walkie Talkies
15. Under the seat pet carriers.

It's going to be a fantastic week. I just know it.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I had another different private project that I was working on this week, and yay. I finished that at 2:32 am.
2. Five of the seven days we're in Palm Springs are supposed to be sunny.
3. I have FIVE books packed. I can hardly wait.


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Anonymous said...

Have so much fun! Can't even say I'm jealous -- had my fun in the sun in Hawaii. au revoir