Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Aching Head

... from too much thinking.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My dad is getting stronger. (His agitation has him moving his arms and legs quite abit.) He wants to go home. He is calmed when his black leather jacket and black shoes (like a blankie and teddy bear) are on the bed beside him. However he still can't swallow, and hasn't eaten for quite a few days. Please, please pray for us as we meet with the medical staff to determine how to proceed. None of the options are easy to consider. What would God have us do?

2. Mandi's been here for a few days. I love the easy relationship her and Drew (and Danica) have. I love the way she brings a (lopsided) smile to dad's face.

3. I'm thankful for the emails and messages I've received from friends letting me know they're praying. I am seriously thankful. You have no idea. Well, unless you've been in my shoes, then you know EXACTLY what I mean.

4. I am thankful for my curling iron. You have no idea.

5. I am thankful I arranged, 4 months ago, to have this week off. I'm not doing the fun things I thought I'd be doing, but at least I'm not trying to stay focused at work while hanging onto the rollercoaster ride my dad has us on these days.

6. I'm thankful I am sleeping by myself again.


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