Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Point Form

  • Yesterday when Sandra (who has her cell phone here) made a pedicure appointment for me, she grilled the guy on his qualifications. (Certificates, licenses, etc.) Today, when I got there, he had laminated copies to show me and spent 10 minutes talking about the process of becoming a licensed nail technician in Rancho Mirage.

  • My appointment was disappointing. Twenty five minutes long - and he spent most of his time massaging the heck out of my legs. Then he did some reflexology on my feet and USED HIS ELBOW to do a deep tissue massage. He noted that I have tension in my shoulders from something in the soles of my feet. And he suggested that a glass of wine, 3 nights a week would go a long way to helping me with stress. Then he spent the last 2 minutes putting nail polish on my toes. And totally ignored my heels. 

  • Max got a job! Landscaping crew. His first day was today and he enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who has been praying. (Doing a happy dance here.)

  • Drew has a cold. He's gone through a box of kleenex blowing his nose. His plan is to stay in bed all day tomorrow. He tanned for a few hours today with no sunscreen, so he's a neon red color. And his entire heel is a blister from our hike the other night. Poor, sad puppy.

  • Update, re: my dad:  
    • The Therapist tried to get dad to swallow some apple sauce today. Only got a tiny swallow out of him. She said she'd try again tomorrow.
    Dad opened his eyes a little for me today. The nurse tried to feed him pudding, but he still can't swallow. He will let ice melt in his mouth. He opened his eyes really big when mom walked in:).  The social worker wants to have a family meeting, so we have held it off until you get home. 
          Thanks, friends for praying for him and my mom. It's hard, this business of wanting to be two places at once. 

  • I went for a night walk this evening and thought about how many of my Palm Spring memories have dad in them. He loved the sun. And his family. Dear God, Thanks for choosing Pete Klassen to be my dad. I pray that You would fill him with Your divine peace right now. Surround him with your angels, and if possible, could they be singing with banjos and harmonicas? With a country and western twang? God? Only You know what's happening to his body, I have complete faith in Your timing. Thank You for loving my dad. And could you fill my mom with Your strength? God, You are the great Comforter - please comfort her in those long-not-at-the-hospital-hours when she's home alone. Amen.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Random friends and extended family members that are popping in to the hospital for quick visits to see my dad and hug my mom. 
2. That I am staying in a suite filled with happy people. It is an absolute joy watching Karm (who has never been here before) fall in love with this place. 
3. I played Bingo today, poolside, with a table filled with kids. Yay, free slushie because I won the BO round. Yay me. 


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, I'm tuning in to your broadcasts twice a day now, looking for news of your dad. Can't believe he may be coming to his glorious end. It's a hard thing to let go of our parents, and funny how it ages us in every way. Remembering your gracious mom, and her truly fine hospitality and care for you all. Thinking of you daily, Sherry from Abbotsford.