Friday, March 16, 2012

Sherry From Abbotsford!

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I have been thinking of you alot these past two years...


1. I forgot to pack my cooling curling iron. I do that SO often. I bend my bangs then unplug it so that it's cool enough to pack, then forget to put it in my suitcase. So I buy another cheap on while on holidays, resulting in a bathroom cupboard that looks like this:

I refused to buy a new one this trip, which means my hair looks mostly pretty awful.

2. Drew's sunburn and head cold have whipped his butt. He stayed in bed all day. My bed. Because when you're sick, only your mom's bed will do. (That, and he usually sleeps on a hide-a-bed in the family room. My bed has more privacy.)

3. Speaking of my bed... last year, in February, Sandra and I missed our flight to Mexico (not our fault. We got hung up in security) so we had to do a stop-over in Arizona. Where we shared a hotel room. It was a level of intimacy we had previously not reached... sleeping in the same room. Because she falls asleep early, soundly and deeply, my late hours didn't disturb her. Nor did my snoring. It worked OK.

THIS trip? We are sharing a bed. I KNOW! I freakin know. Who am I? (It's a King size. And we have separate blankets/sheets. And I don't move at all from my edge of the bed. Not one inch.) But still. Her face is like, right over there.

4. It's so warm here (84 degrees every day) that I spend a good portion of daylight hours in the pool. Immersed in water up to my neck. I know. I can't believe it myself. It's lovely.

5. I've only read two books so far:


(Sherry, you introduced me to this author. And everytime I read something of her's, I think of you. Any other writers you want to recommend?)

6. Health Update: (From my mom's facebook status)

It's the 23rd day that Pete's been in the hospital. His stroke has left him unable to speak and he hasn't been able to swallow. Today he swallowed a tiny bit of apple sauce. He does understand when I ask him a question and he basically answers with his eyes and a nod. I gave him a shave today and he made me feel that he aprecciated that.
Kevin S. came to visit and prayed with him and he recognized him. George his roomate told me that Pete had waved at him from across the room yesterday. 

I called this afternoon and told him I loved him. Apparently he heard me and recognized my voice.

I have a feeling we're in for the long haul. That dad of mine is in no hurry to get to heaven.

7. Seriously. I have so many good memories wrapped up in this place. We were at the Night Market tonight, and man, I was just yacking on about past Night Markets, like when Mark and I met a street artist and commissioned a watercolor painting for our very '80's house and asked him to use mostly peach and green tones in it. AND HE DID :)
"How long were you married?" Karm asks.
"15" I answer.
"You talk of your married years with so much positiveness. I don't talk about my ex or our marriage, ever."

Her observation made my heart smile a little bit. It was just over a year ago, I got myself all worked up over my memories, believing that I didn't have one single good one from the years 1983 - 1998. That depressed me. Who wants to look back at their past and not be able to drudge up a single happy memory? So I'm glad she mentioned her observation. And I'm glad my past isn't as gloomy as I thought it was.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. That the bed we're sharing is a king. Not a double. And that she goes to bed at 11 and I go to bed at 2. And she's up before 8 and I sleep til 10. Really? We're only in that bed together for 6 hours.

2. I'm thankful that we get to watch, up close, a huge storm system coming this way. Saturday ought to be a gooder. Winds. Rain. And. Well,  I guess that's it. They make a big deal about wind and rain down here.

3. My dad swallowed.


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