Saturday, March 17, 2012

Winding Down

Even though our flight doesn't bring us home til Sunday afternoon, our trip feels like it's over. It is not expected that we will see the sun again while we're in California. Rain and wind and thunderstorms are on the way. Which actually makes it easier to leave.

Tonight, after supper, we (everyone except Drew, who is still limping because of the heel sized blister on the bottom of his foot, and sick from a nasty head cold) hiked up a desert mountain/hill towards a lit up cross...

It was a steep climb, straight up with no switch-backs.

I brought up the rear.
I was concentrating on simply breathing.
And praying.

And kinda struggling because I really don't know how to pray for my dad. Or what to pray for, other than 'God's will be done.'

So mostly, I just said, "Hi God. I just don't know. You have a plan, and it's a good one, and so I'll just trust in that. And in You. And I'm sad, God. This is hard, watching dad decline slowly and completely."

Karm and Sandra are the pink dot in the middle of this pic.

"And climbing these hills is hard too. Thanks for these friends that push and encourage me not to shy away from difficult things."

"God, please comfort and strengthen mom. Surround her with Your love. Fill her with peace. Give her Your wisdom as to what to do next."

"And God? Fill dad with Your peace too, OK? He must be scared.

Day 24..... Our doctor talked to me today and said that Pete has surprised everyone, and that he has made some progress and that he must have nine lives, he's just not sure if this is his ninth. He says they will watch his progress for another couple of days and then we'll have to make some important decisions of where we'll place him. The Doctor said their is no way that I can take him home, he needs hospital care. I talked to the Dr. about the fact that Pete can't swallow and he said it's too dangerous to tube him because it could cause more damage. I am finding this difficult, what a decision to have to make for someone else, but like I told the Catholic Priest who came by to pray with us..."I don't know what the future holds, but I KNOW WHO HOLDS THE FUTURE'".

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My dad is in God's very capable hands.
2. Mandi is flying home for a few days.
3. My mom has some terrific friends.


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