Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Things I Do Really Well...

Effortlessly, actually. Almost like they are my spiritual gifts:

1. Tan. Seriously. I get dark quickly. Ask anyone. Or ask the two friends I was in Palm Springs with.
2. Grow hair. No, really. I can grow hair, like overnight. Lots of it. Ask anyone. Or if you can't find her, ask my sister.
3. Cry. Just like that. I can bring on the tears. Which is annoying actually. Ask anyone. Or if she's busy, ask my kids, my mom, the folks at the hospital, my friends, my co-workers, my pillows...

If you ever need a dark skinned, hairy griever at your next event, I'm your man. Erhm, woman. Give me a call.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. After sitting at dad's bedside crying and praying, I had supper with my mom where I continued to cry but didn't pray, instead I ate. And then I went to my book club meeting where I set aside sad things and talked about Shanghai Girls. So thankful for a lovely way to end the evening.

2. My family. And right at this minute, I'm thankful for my sister. She's spends hours every morning with our dad, gently tending to his needs as well as the needs of the other men in the room.  She doesn't crumble, like I do, when things get messy or scary. I am so proud of her.

3. I am thankful, so very thankful, for Dr. Murphy. He is God's special messenger who dropped into our lives on Tuesday morning; his compassionate advice as we navigate our way around dad's 'end of life' issues/questions has been a lifeline for us. (My dad developed pneumonia this morning.)

Thank you friends, for lifting us up in prayer.
If you're not sure how to pray, these items come to mind:

  • Praise God with us for the doctors and nurses who are caring for him. (Especially Dr. Murphy)
  • Join us in thanking God for keeping him comfortable and pain free. 
  • It is our desire that God would be glorified during this time - may our interactions with hospital staff and other patients be pleasing to Him. 
  • Please pray that we would be filled with peace as we wait for Him to fulfill His purposes in dad's life. May His will be done and His purposes accomplished in these circumstances. His timing is perfect and we rejoice in that. 

Thankful for you.
Love, Jane

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