Friday, April 13, 2012

Please Pray

This is Jessica Funk:

She's is Drew's friend's older sister.
The last time I went to Creationfest (2009) she was one of the girls camping with us.

She has great hair, no?

And a fabulous smile.

After Creationfest, we became facebook friends because that's the easiest way for me to share photos.

On April 4, Jessica posted this status update: 

In the hospital, fighting pneumonia in both my lungs, heading up to ICU soon.
Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers.

I sent her a private message telling her I'd be praying.
And, truth be told, I figured, that if my dad, who'd just had a massive stroke, on top of heart disease, gout, Parkinson's and dementia could fight off pneumonia WITH NO MEDS, she, a young healthy 20 year old, would have no problem. 

But then the updates from her family continued: 

They induced a coma and put her on a ventilator. She was just transported to Royal Columbian and the doctors need to find the antibiotic to fight the strain of bacteria she has.

And the news just keeps getting scarier. The status update her brother posted earlier has been deleted, but it was begging for prayer as Jessica's lungs are deteriorating. She is now on paralytic drugs.

So, on behalf of Jessica, and her family, could you please join us in praying for complete healing? 
Our God is a God who heals and there is power in His name. He is faithful.


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