Saturday, April 14, 2012


1. Drew got a job!
He'll be working at a local golf course, cleaning, filling, parking (etc) their fleet of golf carts.
A perfect job for him.

2. My 'upper lip/mustache area' has regained feeling!
I went for an eyebrow threading the other night. While leaning over my face she asked what I wanted done with 'all my other facial hair'. I asked her what she recommended. She got closer and observed, "Well, you sure have ALOT. And it's long. I'd wax the whole thing."
It hurt like the dickens. And the skin between my nose and mouth had lost all feeling for the past 48 hours.

3. My friend, Chris, just got a contract from WhiteFire Publishing for book two  (!) in her Twilight of the British Raj series!
So proud of her.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Sunny weekend. Cherry blossoms are in bloom.
2. The razor blades have left my throat. (Wicked head-ache now though.)
3. I believe in a God who loves me. He has a plan. And it's a good one. I will have faith.


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