Saturday, April 14, 2012


It's Saturday morning. It's Saturday afternoon. It feels like the morning, because I just got up a few hours ago and haven't gotten dressed yet. I am lazy.

One of the blogs I read (Yours Truly) is written by an (ex) co-worker of mine, Bonny. Her most recent posting is called, "Currently"; and it describes what she's currently:
Obsessing over,
Working on,
Thinking about,
Listening to,
Praying for,

I'm going to copy her idea.
She copied it from TJ at His Little Lady.
Who copied it from Katie at Skunkboy Creations.
Who copied it from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet.
(Yes, I have been been doing much blog surfing today.)

So without further ado, Currently, I am ...

Obsessing over: my throat. I woke up with razor blades slicing and dicing everytime I swallowed. And my eyes? Puffy and swollen. Is it an allergy? Strep throat? Tonsillitis? Just a sore throat? Should I visit dad? Am I contagious? Whyyyyyy me? Whyyyyyy today? (It's sunny. It's Saturday.) I've taken every sort of vitamin I own. Cold F-X. Advil Cold and Sinus. And (shudder) Oil of Oregano. Had TWO cups of tea (which is more tea than I've had all year.) And now? I'm eyeballing the 10 leftover Sulfratrim tabs (antiobiotics) I have left over from my last bladder infection. I want to go outside and plaaaaaaaayyyyy. Whoa is me. Wait. Does it feel better? Or is this wishful thinking? The razor blades have stopped. Now it just feels 'thick'.

Working on
1. This blog post. Actually I'm working on this whole blog. I really should change my banner - it hasn't been updated since February. You probably noticed that. And I should clean up the side bar - it could use an update. Maybe I should throw in a poll somewhere.
2. Cleaning my kitchen. But not really. Those pans have only soaked for 4 days.
3. Packing away the clutter. Any day now I will find a place to live and then? I will kick myself for not getting my place ready for showings earlier. I have 5 empty boxes just waiting to be filled with my meaningful, personal, decorative, shelf-filling crap.
4. Burning some photo DVD's for friends. Will start this any second now.

Thinking about: how nice it feels to have the sun warming my back. How great yesterday's wedding was. How I should get a resume ready. How scared Jessica's family must be. How my dad is doing. How fat I am.
How some weddings are just backdrops for photoshoots (with everything set up to get 'the shot') (I blame pinterest for this) and others are just pure celebrations of life and love. Hockey - will the Canucks win this year?

Anticipating: My new life; everything is changing and I wonder what it'll look like once the dust has settled. Book club meeting on Wednesday night; it'll be here and I hope I'll have the book read by then. Drew's grad next month. Dinner with the kids next weekend; it's Clint's birthday. Summer. I am anticipating the summer.

Listening to: The Washington/Boston hockey game. Dishwasher. Drew clicking the keyboard on the computer just over there. I would like to be listening to some music. What are you listening to these days?

Eating: Toast with butter to go with my tea.

Praying for: Jessica Funk. Jessica had the ECMO procedure last night. She is back in her room in ICU at Royal Columbian under constant watch. Also praying for my dad ... he has astounded the medical community at Surrey Memorial with his ability to bounce back time and time again. Now we all need wisdom and strength to deal with whatever comes next. And praying for this family who lost their 20 year old son to a climbing accident last weekend. What an inspiring blog Ryan's mom has started. Also praying for the kids in my life. And my friends' marriages. Praying for my mom. My sister. My boys.

Wishing for:
a flat belly (as I have another piece of toast)
a not-sore throat so I can go play
a new, perfect-fit-for-me job

How about you, fellow bloggers? What are YOU currently doing?
Tricia? Shannon? Diane? Rachel? Marg? Carolyn? Lynne?


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