Thursday, May 31, 2012

And in case you're wondering about Jessica ...

From Vickie, Jess's mom:

I wish today that you all could have been a "fly on the wall" in Jessica's room. I know as the mum I am biased but she was incredible today!!

The morning started off a little rough, when I arrived at the hospital, Jess was on her first breathing trial of the day, but was crying. Not too many things harder than seeing your daughter lying in bed hooked up to tubes and IV's trying hard to be brave with tears rolling down her cheeks. I asked her what was wrong and she had a "hard" morning, she said she prayed for God to "make" her situation better but He didn't, and she said I know that He could have so why didn't He? A big gulp, and then I shared with her how I had prayed so often for a quick healing, an easier path and that I knew with God it was possible, however He chose to take us on this path, and what I had needed to do was TRUST Him. That God loved her even more than I did, and He knew best, we see such a small part of the picture but God sees the big picture and we need to trust Him. I shared how so many lives have been touched by her story, and that He has a purpose. I read her various emails and Facebook messages that people had sent and it really seemed to give her a boost. 

Later in the morning she was on her 3 hour breathing trial and asked if she could do 4 hours!! Yesterday she had stood and walked the few steps to the door, today she walked to the door, around the corner and the next one -- at least 30 little steps or more. The whole ICU stopped and watched her progress!! When she was back in her room and was sitting, she started to cry but they were happy tears because she said she did that because she doesn't like the hospital and wants to go home! That's our girl - she's persevered, she's brave and courageous!
She is trusting in the Lord and His plan for her life. 

PS. She did 2 x 4hour breathing trials today and tomorrow they are hoping to take out two more chest tubes.

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