Friday, June 1, 2012

My Favorite Day of the Year ...

... Prom (Dinner/Dance) (Grad Banquet) Night.
I LOVE taking pics on this day.

So far I have two albums up on facebook:
1. Danica's family at Sendall Gardens.
2. Drew and Danica and their friends at Williams Park

 a third one will be posted when it's not 2:30 am.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It rained all morning. So I asked BEVO greenhouses, (former employers of mine) and Cedar Rim Nursery (former Fundy family) if we could take grad pics in their greenhouses (filled with natural light, no rain, and flowers). Both owners, Leo at Bevo and Russ at Cedar Rim called me back and welcomed the idea. So thankful for their willingness to host our photo shoot.

2. In the end, the rain stopped just in the nick of time. So we were able to move forward with our original plans. Yay, God. Thank you.

3. I chatted with Vickie at the banquet, and she shared another Jessica update:

We have seen Jess improve so much this week - she wants to go home so badly that she pushes herself everyday.
She did 14 hours off the ventilator, not a "trial" but right off, the machine was switched off, no lights, no numbers, no beeps.
Tomorrow they want her to do 24 hours, if she can, then they will continue and if she does it for 3 days they will take the ventilator away!!!! 
She was very exhausted tonight as she hasn't been sleeping well, so we pray for a good nights sleep, strength and protection from infection.
Thank you lord for your mercies and love. 
Plus she got two chest tubes out, so there is only one left now, and her 30 some staples from her surgery! Each day a little bit less pain.

Vickie and Eric tonight:


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