Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Jessica Update

I know there are quite a few of you who are praying for/wondering about Jessica that aren't connected to her facebook page... so for you (mom and Jenn and others) here is the latest update:

Her brother Eric, posted this yesterday:
Four weeks ago today was the last time that I talked to my sister, as she lay in emergency, holding an oxygen mask up to her face. After spending some time with her, I had to go home to lead my Grade 9 boys life group, and when I told her that, she held up a fist, and we fist bumped, just like we always did, not knowing the next time I would see her she'd be in a coma and intubated. At that point, I had no idea what the next month would hold in store for us, and could have never predicted sending updates on how Jessica is doing almost a month later.
These last couple days have been a bit of up and down, one step forward, but two steps backwards. Because of the heparin, she had some bleeding in her lungs a few days ago, but the doctors said that isn't uncommon. As well, her white blood cell count was up, meaning she was fighting an infection.
Today, though, has been a day of progress. Jessica seems a little bit more aware, she's taking in more oxygen, and as well, her X-rays showed a little improvement from yesterday. Thank you Lord.
In all of this, one of the favourite things I've come to learn about our God is that his timing is always perfect. Though we may want faster progress, a miraculous healing, or just a sign, he holds off sometimes, because he knows when it is the right time. I've felt stuck in this cycle of "steady" days, where there wasn't any forward movement, and then today comes along, and gives me a refreshment.
I hope it provides you all with a little bit of encouragement as well, and a refreshment to keep contending for Jess.

and then he posted this a few hours later: 

And just like that, there's some super encouraging news to update you all on. In about 5 minutes, Jess will be heading into surgery to be taken off ECMO! This is a huge step forward on the road to healing! Doctors feel she's at a stage to be able to handle this.
Thank you Lord!

Three Things I'm Thankful For:
1. Answered prayer
2. Drew passed his Portfolio/Grad Trans interview this morning
3. The rain will eventually stop falling. 


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