Friday, May 4, 2012

One Month Later ...

On Easter Sunday, Nick asked Bekah to marry him under my favorite weeping willow tree. Today? He finally announced it to the world and posted the pics I took of them, on facebook.

So I'm going to post some of them here, too.

Nick's brother knocked on the cabin door and let us know his brother would be coming up in a few minutes to propose to his girlfriend. Would that be OK?

Yes it was OK.

I went upstairs to change lenses on my camera, and by the time I peaked out my window, they had arrive, he was on his knees and she was kissing him. I guess that's a 'YES'...

I didn't ask them if I could take pics. I just did. 
And if Nick's brother had asked my opinion, I would have said, "DON'T set up the table and champayne in front of those old, rotting, docks stacked under the left side of the tree. Just don't. Of all the backdrops possible, those docks? Are the worst."

See what I mean?
If they'd only stood on the OTHER side of the tree, the background would have been the LAKE and the MOUNTAINS.

Nick's brother running out to congratulate them:

Dan, his wife, and Woody, were all on hand to celebrate with Nick and Bekah:

Then they walked over to the house and asked if I could take some pics of them. They ASKED.
I LOVE taking photos of happy people:

First thing I did was MOVE THE TABLE:

They were happy

And then, it was over. 

Congrats, Nick and Rebekah. 


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My dad is being moved out of the hospital on Friday morning. He will not (praise God) be making the (apparently mandatory) stop at the New West 'holding facility' as expected. There is a new Kinsmen Lodge Care Home that just opened across the street from the hospital that has a bed for him. So. Off he goes. 

Not what we asked for, but trusting that this is what God has planned. 

2. Tea this afternoon with a friend. So happy we connected. There's always that moment of 'what will we talk about' when doing this for the first time with someone. And, as usual, when women are involved, there was no shortage of topics. 

3. Next week's retreat. In addition to being totally freaked out about it, I'm also thankful for the opportunity. How did I get to be so lucky?


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Anonymous said...

This must be so very heart-wrenching for your mother, and for yourselves. I think of you daily. - Sherry