Saturday, May 5, 2012

Uh, God?

Please be right beside my dad tonight. Fill him with your peace, send your angels to surround him. God, we believe he is at the Kinsmen Lodge by Your divine design for Your purposes and Your glory. This facility wasn't on our radar at all, and wasn't a choice that we selected. Yet, here we are, and there he is.

As far as first days go, I wasn't impressed, so God, could you fill in the gaps? They seemed ill-prepared for the five new residents they received today. I pray that things will improve. That dad will receive the care and attention he needs. That he won't be scared. That he will settle in. That he will like the food. That he won't be lonely if he wakes up at night. God? He's had 3 roommates for the past 76 days - and he liked watching them. He liked watching them eat, watching them interact with their visitors, and watching them be cared for by the nurses. He even liked watching them sleep. This will be different for him, all alone in a empty room. God? Please help him be brave. And God? Please let the night nurse be inclined to keep an eye on him.

The Lodge seems lovely. So many things going on there. So many activities. So many opportunities to interact. Thank you for arranging for him to live there. Please help mom to feel comfortable there too. She'll be spending alot of time there as well, fill her with Your peace and give her Your eyes to see Your purposes for her in this season of life.

God, I thank you and praise you for arranging to have dad transferred at the exact time that hymns were being sang in the gathering room. Even though I'd never heard that exact song before, mom had. And it holds a special meaning for her. You knew that. Thank you for letting her know in this gentle way that You are about Your business in that lodge, and that You care for her.

Oh, and God? I pray that you would remove the dread I feel in my stomach whenever I start my one hour commute to visit dad. I don't know how to get rid of it on my own.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Dad's new home.
2. I made it through my first job-like interview where we explored options, experience and giftings.
3. The Avengers. I love movies about people excelling at who they are, and working as a team. Like musicians. Finish carpenters. Landscaping crews. Superheroes. (And can I mention, that ever since Legolas made archery hot - I've been hooked. Jeremy Renner? Looks pretty good with a quiver of arrows on his back.)


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