Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Month Of May - Currently

I did one of these ('Currently' things) back in April, and thought maybe it was time to do another. Who knows? Maybe this will become a regular monthly feature? (Assuming, of course, that these things (that I'm listening to, anticipating, obsessing over, etc) will actually change from month to month.
So. Here is my list of things that I am:

Obsessing over,
Working on,
Thinking about,
Listening to,
Praying for,

I am obsessing over:

  • trying to figure out a way to live a balanced life, in terms of my dad and establishing a realistic visitation schedule. Seven times a week was waaaay too much; chores/relationships/sanity were set aside when I went everyday. Four times a week seems like I'm letting dad/mom/Jule down. 
  • finding a house with a basement suite, a drive in garage and a southern exposed backyard that 'feels' like home.
  • new tires and windshield for my truck. 

I am working on:

  •  my yard. It's all weeded, and my window boxes/terra cotta planters are cheerfully filled with geraniums and bacopa. 
  • my attitude towards certain people. I need an overhaul.
  • gathering evidence that I would be a great addition to any organization's team. (aka waiting for two more reference letters)
  • removing clutter from my house. Removing the paper piles from my dining room table. Removing excess fat from my mid-section. Removing guilt from being my number one emotion. 

I am thinking about:

  • planning a book buying/sharing event. Oh yes I am. And it will be fun.
  • how good my feet are going to feel in a few hours. They are going to be soaked, scraped, waxed, creamed, massaged and cared for. 
  • how rampant overuse of the exclamation mark has cheapened it's meaning.
  • this past year (the one I was 50 years old in) and how rollercoasterish it has been. Huge highs. Low lows. And everything inbetween. 
  • upcoming blog posts - I really should write Part Two of my Sunshine Coast retreat. And, like Carolyn, I have a few thoughts re: our last book club discussion. 

I am anticipating:

  • spending a few hours with R before she leaves for Calgary
  • hearing all about P's daughter's upcoming wedding plans
  • listening to M share stories about her recent adventure in Europe
  • walking with J and catching up on her life
  • coffee with M, C, and K. Yay for May bdays. 
  • attending South Delta Baptist's Strawberry Tea
  • hanging out with friends while we walk around historic New West
  • going to a Switchfoot concert
  • attending Drew (and Danica's) prom dinner and taking a million pics
  • going for a dinner cruise on S's yacht
  • finally catching up with SO 
  • annual tea n talk with L

I am listening to:

  • the fridge hum
  • voices in my head

I am eating:

  • leftover ham and scalloped potatoes. So yum.
  • These:

  • I've given up on my quest to make/like smoothies. Instead, I drink these (in moderation): 

  • I am craving a turkey dinner. And sweet tarts.

I am reading:

  • facebook status updates
  • blogs
  • just finished: Explosive Eighteen (Janet Evanovich) (Perfect light reading for a holiday weekend)
  • am currently working my way through: Inheritance (final book in the Eragon series), Death Comes to Pemberley (by PD James), Cloud Atlas (by David Mitchell), The Me I Want to Be (by John Ortberg) and Let's Pretend that Never Happened (by The Blogess, Jenny Lawson)

I am praying for:

  • Jessica's complete healing and full recovery
  • Peace re: my dad. 
  • My kids' relationship with/knowledge of/surrender to/ God
  • Engaged/newlywed couples 
  • Strength and courage for my mom
  • My unknown future daughter-in-laws and their families
  • My next job situation

I am wishing:

  • that God would surprise me in unexpected ways this summer.
  • that my life would make a difference.
  • that I would be able to fit two road trips in sometime during the next 4 months. 
  • that I had more self-discipline.

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