Sunday, May 20, 2012

Continuing to Pray for Jessica

Jessica's mom posted this on Facebook:

Thursday and friday were tough days. The adjustment from RCH has not gone well and has unfortunately set her back. Yesterday was spent trying to adjust medication to handle the enormous amount of nausea and pain she is experiencing. Her chest tubes, which according to the nurse, are the big ones, cause much pain as does the hematoma (large collection of blood and fluid). She hasn't been off the ventilator since moving, or sat in her chair for trials.
However, she was able to sleep last night for 8 hours which is huge, as she hasn't really slept the last couple of nights. She had a smile on her face this morning which was good to see even though she was still struggling- she is a strong fighter!
Surgery is now going to be Sunday, we hope!
We continue to pray for healing for her lungs and wisdom for the doctors and nurses!
Jessica and her bro and sis.

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