Sunday, May 20, 2012

Three More Little Things ...

... that I'm thankful for:

1. Lunch with dad at the Lodge was uneventful. Yay. No new owies or gashes. However, the bags and dark circles under his eyes were pronounced. He obviously did not sleep again last night. (Two weeks and counting. WISH he'd relax and find peace so that he could rest at night. So far, he does most of his sleeping in the afternoon while mom sits beside him. Only then is he completely calm.)

While sitting with him at the end of the hallway, I chatted with Mary, who was sitting with her mom in the same area.
"Are you Jane?" she asked.
"Yeah, that's me."
"Is this your dad?"
"He sure was calling for you last night. Jane! Jane! He yelled," she said.
"Ohhh. He might be saying my name, but I think, mostly he just wants my mom. We're hoping that once they start giving him sleeping pills, he'll be more settled through the night."
"He was talking to me this morning. He asked, "Do you know why I'm here?" I told him his wife needed help caring for him. Then he asked how long I thought he'd be staying here. I wasn't sure what to say... does he have Alzheimers?"
"No, he has dementia. And he's had a massive stroke. And Parkinsons. And heart disease. We've told him he's only here, in this 'special' hospital, until he gets all better..."
"Ohhh. I see."
"You sure have an awesome family. I've noticed that your dad has his daughters and wife come by pretty regularly. How do you do it?"

We chatted awhile about aging parents and their care. I mentioned that I'd recently been laid off, so I wasn't so rushed to try and fit in a visit after work...
She was outraged that I should have to deal with a job loss at this time (which? hello? She JUST met me. Her passion about my situation was unexpected.) I told her I wasn't worried yet about finding work, but as the days move forward, I AM losing confidence that I can complete in this job market, considering I will be going up against 25 year old university graduates... I may end up having to do a labor-type job. And then she, (who has known me for 10 minutes) affirmed my gifts and marketability, and listed my positive qualities.

Seriously. I was so not expecting that.
Who speaks life into strangers?

Was that a God moment? Was she His instrument of encouragement?

2. Max came over this afternoon. And clipped the boxwood hedges in my backyard. Drew cleaned up after him.

(I desperately wanted to lie out in the sun this afternoon, as it's going to be the last sunny day for forever, but it just seemed wrong. What with the boys working n all...) So the window boxes got planted up, as did the terra cotta pots. 

3. Thankful for Saturday evening church services. Thankful that every once in awhile we sing a hymn. Tonight it was that one from my childhood that could be found on page 3 of the old hymnals at Killarney Park  - Holy, Holy, Holy. When the pianist went crazy twiddling all over the keyboard, I stopped singing just to listen. And then? In the second verse? The electric guitar guy did something magic with that stringed instrument and I just prayed. I didn't know what else to do. "God? Do you love this too? Are these sounds pleasing to your ears? Cuz. Wow. This? This music? Is our best for You. I am overwhelmed to be a part of it. I pray that You feel worshipped."

And then Jeff preached another sex sermon. This time? David and Bathsheba. SO good. Listen to it when they post it online here.


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