Thursday, June 7, 2012

Checking In

1. I did not have a single serving of vegetables today.
2. If pushing a wheelchair up and down the halls for half an hour counts as exercise, then I did my 20 minutes today.
3. Today's 'fun' thing? Tea n talk for almost 3 hours with Lynne. This? Is an annual event, despite our best intentions to do it more often. Maybe it's the tears. We always end up with red eyes and wet cheeks when we're done. (Her dad passed away. Mine didn't. Both events made us cry.)
4. Did not keep a log of my mental chatter, but I know it was mostly negative until I got home this evening. All it takes is a phone message and an email message to turn things around.
5. No morning pages today... maybe tomorrow.
6. No passive income today... maybe tomorrow.
7. Connect with someone new? Hmm. Chatted with Mabel for a minute this morning while walking dad. Not sure if that counts.
8. My good deed today was 'just' prayer. Two friends asked. So I did. Feels like cheating, though. Praying for someone is the easy part.
9. I gave praise to my dad everytime he swallowed some food. Everytime he said a word I could understand. Everytime he threw that shuffleboard rock.
10. Today we're praying for Grenada and Greenland. (Did you know that in 1984 there was only 20 born-again believers IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY?)

Three FIVE Things I'm Thankful For:

1. My bed. Seriously. I love it.
2. Friends who help friends. I get all happy inside when I can connect two strangers (to each other) (but are friends with me) who can help each other. Happened twice today. Oh, so wait. Maybe THAT was my good deed? I don't know. It's all so confusing.
3. Evidence that God loves ME. That He totally knows ME. And when He answers prayer it's very specific and completely perfect for ME.
4. I'm thankful I got another bookcase emptied and boxed up.
5. I'm especially thankful that my kids are coming to help me pack up a storage pod tomorrow.


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